Our environmental services platform is focused on wastewater handling and treatment.  The non-hazardous liquid waste industry represents approximately $8 billion of an overall $85 billion waste sector and is growing at an estimated rate of 3.5-4.5% annually.  Our platform, American Allwaste, seeks to consolidate this highly fragmented industry through a well-refined, regional strategy. With waste streams ranging from grease traps to grit traps and municipal sludge to septage, the services provided offer a myriad of opportunities to grow in an industry characterized by non-discretionary demand and a highly-favorable regulatory environment. There are currently over 3,000 service providers, most of which are family/founder owned.  American Allwaste is founded by experienced liquid-waste industry veterans who understand the needs of the customers and how to best work with company founders and employees to deliver quality service on a consistent basis.

Our Facilities and Infrastructure Services platform is focused on creating a differentiated Architecture, Engineering and Construction Management (“AEC”) consulting firm with a multi-disciplinary approach and geographies focused in California, Texas, Florida and other national locations servicing state, municipal and federal as well as commercial clients.  In 2017, AEC services represented a total $93 billion spend, as part of a total $366 billion construction spend. The addressable market outside the top 500 AEC firms in the US is $14 billion annually and the industry has seen consistent growth over the last 20 years, even through economic downturns. Our platform is focused on building a balanced portfolio of capabilities with an emphasis on infrastructure services complemented by commercial diversification. Areas of specialization will include medical, higher education, municipal, commercial and transportation infrastructure. Our platform, Prime AE, is an emerging leader in this industry and seeks to continue its rapid growth through organic and acquisition-led activity.

Our precision manufacturing platform will focus on high-margin, niche manufacturers, with an initial focus on plastic manufacturing. The domestic plastic manufacturing industry is over $300 billion per year and is highly fragmented with many small to mid-size companies profitably serving a concentrated group of customers.  Favorable trends in this industry include U.S. domestic on-shoring and low-cost feedstock due to plentiful supplies of natural gas.  Consolidation is driven by trends towards corporate supply-chain rationalization as well as generational shift among founder owners/operators. Our executives understand that it is possible to stay focused on niche markets while realizing the benefits of scale of a larger organization, including purchasing efficiencies, ability to satisfy more customer requirements and risk reduction through a larger customer base.  Our executives further understand that an emphasis on efficiency should be paired with a focus on innovation, both in products and processes.

“In Private Equity, all long-term initiatives are tossed out the window in the final two years. I hated that as an operator.”

Lee Stockseth, former President & COO of FleetPride Truck Parts